Topfield TF5800


Program Description

EPGClean is a TAP for the Topfield TF5800PVR, which removes unwanted programmes from the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) making it easier to visually scan down programme listings.

Additionally, the TAP scans the EPG for other errors e.g. gaps in the schedules and overlapping programmes, reports them, and attempts to fix them where possible.

Removal: Unwanted programmes are identified by their name, and are replaced with a "*" in the EPG where the program title used to be. The original program name is moved into the extended program description, so it can still be seen.

Gaps: Broadcasters often leave holes in the schedules, some of which are quite hard to notice. Programmes that fall into these holes can then be missed. The TAP can modify the title of any programme that is followed by a gap by appending "+GAP" to the programme name. This should draw your attention to look closer at the EPG data. This scan is performed periodically, and if the gaps are filled in later, the warning markers are then removed.

Overlaps: Overlapping programmes are a sign of programme schedule changes. The TAP deals with this by deleting both of the overlapping programmes, and then allowing the correct programme to come back. The built-in EPG deals with these overlapped programmes by showing both (confusing), but EPG Navigator currently discards overlapped programmes as bad data (leaving a hole). By removing the confused data, it should clear up the problem.

The TAP works on all channels, TV and radio. As EPG information is constantly being transmitted and updated by broadcasters, EPG Clean continues to check every few minutes for newly added programmes, new errors, fixes for earlier errors etc. and deals with them too.

The EPG changes made by the TAP are picked up instantly by the built-in EPG, and are picked up by DGB's EPG Navigator TAP after a short delay. Also, the Now-Next information bar will show "*" when a program that has been removed is currently on.


Having run this TAP for over a year on my TF5800, most bugs have been identified and fixed, and the TAP has no obvious antisocial habits. But it has not been extensively tested by others, especially in combination with many other TAPs. Only test this TAP for the first time if you have no important recordings scheduled, until you are sure it works on your configuration. Then you can move it to "auto start" to run it permanently.


This TAP was developed on a TF5800PVR (firmwares 5.13.40, 5.13.56, and 5.13.65/NitFix). It is built against bdb's exTap library v0.18, and tested against the built-in EPG, and EPG Navigator 4.1/5.1. Additionally, Meisearch 1.30 and Description Extender 3.2 were loaded and resident with no apparent problems. EPGClean uses a TAP ID of 0x80088107. Information on other models/firmware versions that work would be appreciated, as well as any known incompatibilities with other TAPs.


The source, documentation, and TAP files for recent versions can be downloaded below.

Version 1.01

Version 1.00

Source, documentation and pictures © 2017 Mike Brown. Visit the website at for the latest version and contact details.