Topfield TF5800


Program Description

FixMHEGLeak is a temporary fix TAP for the Topfield TF5800PVR. Occasionally there are problems with interactive services on BBC channels that causes memory to be leaked away. This leads to spontaneous reboots, lost recordings etc. as memory eventually runs out.

This TAP monitors the amount of free and available memory every minute, and if memory is getting low ( < 6 Meg), will automatically turn OFF and back ON the interactive services. This means that you can safely leave the interactive services on. There is no user guide (other than this page!), no GUI, and no activation key needed: just load the TAP by placing it in "Auto Start". If interactive services are already off, they will be left alone.

The DEV version emits debugging info at 19200 baud on the serial port, the REL version does not. Use either!

The current version incorporates R2D2's modifications that make it firmware independent.


The source, documentation, and TAP files for recent versions can be downloaded below.

Version 1.00

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